Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Another week in october, jumpin' off this week with a term i call "minority genocide". In recent years in working in my career, in my studies i discoverd that in the music industry, ranging from all genres, but notably in hiphop/rap, that the highest production/distribution bred, and reflected one thing...DEMISE. In living in philadelphia after seeing countless youth die, and even good friends, i found poor class to middle, even rich developed a way of life the killed three ways..through the toungue, drugs, and the sword. Not only in urban social structures, but any society if you take away spiritual and moral fiber, the principle is your gonna have a decaying people.. altogether. The very vices and lack of standard will strip a society down to savage...clean. Granted there is entertainment.. but not everybody know the difference, they say art imitate life, but not everybody is ready for the two to run too close together. For real. Know yourself, know your environment, and the role the media, industry, and entertainment plays in relation to you. Food for thoughtz..peep a dose of reality from 94'...-

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<Robert "Yummy" Sandifer (March 12, 1983 – September 1, 1994) garnered national attention in September 1994 after his murder by fellow gang members. He appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in September 1994.[1]

Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of junk food, Sandifer was a young member of the Chicago street gang the Black Disciples. After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was executed by fellow gang members who feared he could be turned snitch. Coverage of Sandifer's death and retrospectives on his short, violent life were widely published in the American media, and Sandifer became a symbol of the gang problem in American inner cities, the failure of social safety netting, and the shortcomings of the juvenile justice system.

The story of "yummy" sandifer, although sevaral years published nationwide, im sure had an effect on the generation of that time. And possibly saved many from destruction. Thus its 2009, another generation in american inner cities. This the time of harvest, and seedtime, planting seeds to perserve a people, and posterities. Yummy's life is still relevant today, perfect timing to blog this throwback, in the words of my dude k.mercer, lets not forget...

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Below is a 2 part interview with artist "Maino", discussing his own life, industry exploitation, and realites behind the glamour. Do your math, everythin' aint always what it seem, although riches is the goal in a capitalistic society, money and fame dont always equal happiness..salute maino for speakin the real...




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