Wednesday, October 20, 2010



As of September 2010, there were over one million refugees living in tents and the humanitarian situation has been characterized as still being in the emergency phase according to the Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti, Archbishop Bernard Auza. He went on to say that instead of diminishing, the number is on the rise. Also, he reported that the state has decided to first rebuild downtown Port-au-Prince and a new government center, however reconstruction itself has not yet begun.[222]


The movemnents of mass media slowly settled and silenced the tragedy's witnessed by the world 11 months ago. But the event is still reverberated by the million plus refugees, worldwide relief funds, and the impression it left to thousands worldwide, and those personally scarred by the tragedy. Natural disasters are events that effect all, and as the world looked to haiti exclusively through the tragedy, i studied to get insight to the "poorest country in the western hemisphere". A culture of its own, a.l.i.h.s.t tells the haitian dispersal in america through my brother Johwell baptiste,CEO of Negusworld clothing/enterprises, and artists. A song that serves as an extension of the effect of the earthquake and the plight of haitian people in its native land, and abroad. The addresing of social ills in every country, and the principle of social empowerment is theme of their new international project, in which im also featured, "The world heartist project".

Tranbleman de te (earthquake)Lache feat Bennchoumy. from Negusworld on Vimeo.

-We close with a song fitted for the current refugee's, the struggle and faces of every nationality on every continent, down to america's backyard. Brooklyn's John forte, along with Blitz the Ambassador, crowns a bar for bar orchestral piece, "Dyin' to live".


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