Monday, July 8, 2013


A solid question i pose to intelligent free thinkers:  young and old.  A trial of the moral arc; a child and a man with a firearm. This is the hour of Trayvon, where George Zimmerman brings his weight of the case to the judicial system: syndicated nationally.    The outrage in the dark evidence before this trial was sparked by the death of a young man, and his killer able to walk until his deliberation.  Now its here. those in tune post this murder, that symbolizes the conflict of African America, witness the expressions, language of law, the intelligence of the prosecution, the party of the defendant,   the body language of the council,  the propaganda of media and legal analysm, and the bare truth, vs the lie.  The sum up to date the defendants(Zimmerman's) testimony isn't adding up to the hard evidence of the prosecution, that speaks against Zimmerman. The general "incrimination" of Trayvon Martin  is not due to investigative reports. But Propagation, stereotype, and Fallicies.  Within this  trial there is a parody, where even some of the conducting of the trial  caters to "innocence" of Zimmerman. This creates the "mockery" that could possibly replace the justice, the Martin family and most, seek.  Without bribery, infiltration or manipulation let the people,  represented by jury be the judge.  Blood cries out. As a leftist freelance Journalist,  equality is my vehicle.  In the spirit of the ancestors, Sean bell, Diallo: let the gabble of divine justice fall, with, or without the American  judicial system.

Consciously Yours,



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