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"The Fabulous Chi-Ali" full-length dropped spring 1992, and was notable for two reasons: first, it would be the only LP Chi-Ali would ever release, and secondly, it marked the debut of the Beatnuts as a dominant production force. The highlights of "The Fabulous" are simple: the Beatnuts provide a hot beat, and Chi-Ali spits some hilariously high-pitched lyrics. Check out "Maniac Psycho" where Chi is a "14 year old lord on a skateboard/strangling suckers with mic chords" or the bordering-on-illegal ode to preteen sex on "In My Room." In fact, the Beatnuts don't drop a subpar track on here; from the slow thump of "Check My Record" to the spacey funk of "Roadrunner," the beats make Chi's squeaky lyrics tolerable

Like many groups, Chi was never able to release a follow-up LP. The rap world moved on, and people weren't checking for Chi-Ali's style anymore. Unfortunately, Chi's personal fortunes followed his rap career. After a series of dead-end jobs, Chi-Ali is accused of murdering a man in the Bronx in a dispute over $300 on February 14th, 2000.

It's hard to believe Chi-Ali, dancing happily in his videos, would end up a murderer. But before he joined Steady B as the butt of many jokes, Chi dropped a solid album, gained the adoration of thousands of preteen girls, and helped put the Beatnuts on. Ultimately, the latter was his greatest contribution to hip-hop.

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Nelson was born in the Co-Op City section of Bronx, New York, of Jamaican/St. Thomian descent.[citation needed] He began his acting career at age 10 when he landed a role in an off-Broadway play Hey Little Walter. Sean Nelson turned 13 shortly before beginning principal photography on his debut film, writer-director Boaz Yakin's "Fresh" (1994). Prior to that, he had made his TV debut in a 1992 episode of the NBC series Here and Now and appeared off-Broadway in a production of "Hey Little Walter" at Playwrights Horizons, but neither of these efforts presaged the impressive performance to come in "Fresh". Though he had little dialogue as the savvy Brooklyn street kid who works after school as a drug runner, Nelson appeared in practically every scene, garnering rave notices for his harrowing portrait of an incredibly resourceful, tragically deprived child who applies the rules of chess to real life. A blank slate most of the time, Fresh finally cracks after enacting retribution against the system destroying the lives of those he loves. This haunting last image of lost innocence, shattered by the carnage he has precipitated, is what stayed with audiences, serving notice that this was an actor to watch.
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Morgan grew up in Co-op City and played basketball at the Bellamy Loop courts in section 4. He started out working as a DJ at the radio station WERQ, 92Q in Baltimore, Maryland, but his road to success began a few years earlier. While attending the University of Maryland, College Park, he interned at Washington D.C. radio station WPGC 95.5 FM. At WPGC, Morgan worked alongside popular host Albie Dee and was promptly recognized for his ambition and charisma. His college internship evolved into a flourishing career. Soon Morgan, with his innovative freestyles, gained popularity on night radio. When the Bronx native returned to New York City in 2001, he departed D.C. as the highest rated, six-year undefeated nighttime radio champion.[1]

He entered the television scene on voiceovers for BET in 1996, while still working the radio circuit. Within a year, fans were watching him on-camera, on Rap City's "Hip Hop News," and he advanced to become the co-host of Rap City in its tenth season, alongside Big Lez and Joe Clair. BET then changed the shows format, and Morgan became the lone emcee. He hosted the show from 1999–2005, before being replaced by Mad Linx.

Morgan hosted the BET shows 106 & Park until July 7, 2006 and BET Style until its final episode on July 6, 2006. Morgan also hosted numerous episodes of BET: Uncut. He also began rapping in 2003, when he was featured on R. Kelly's song "Snake". He is featured on a hidden track on Ginuwine's album The Senior. Additionally, every weekend, Morgan hosts Live In Tha Den with Big Tigger, a syndicated radio show. He replaced Star and Buc Wild with a temporary morning show, Live With Tigger with Egypt & Donnell Rawlings. On his show Live In the Den, hip hop stars such as Jay-Z have made guest appearances.

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Born and raised in Eastchester Projects, in the birth place of Hip-Hop, The Bronx, New York, Jus Rolle (Ro-Lay) established his love for music at the early age of seven when he first began developing his style of rhyme and performance on and off the streets. He has nurtured his style into a diverse, dynamic and unique sound that enabled him to perform in local neighborhood shows in and around the Bronx, to shows in Albany, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Virginia and LA. Jus has graced the stages of high school auditoriums to concert halls and arenas, which led him to performing in various shows with major artists across the country. Jus’ style has been widely recognized by many experienced individuals in the music industry including producers such as Soul Diggaz, who have produced records for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliot. Charlemagne with production for Jay-Z, Talib Kweli and the Notorious B.I.G., as well as Brandon Howard, who has credited tracks for Gerald Levert, Ney- Yo, Lupe Fiasco and Marques Houston. Look up the true definition of the word Grind, and you will see Jus Rolle’s picture all over it. He is one of the hardest working unsigned artist with the passion to rise to the top of his career, and that was proven when Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box and Hot 97 named Jus Rolle as the Grind Artists of the Month.


One of N.E bronx's leading artist's, clap's resume has extended tremendously. He has hit stages throughout the tri-state area and abroad. His witty and sharp delivery remain street conscious, and socially conscious of the world around him. He still hold to spiritual and economic principle as he navigate through the dog eat dog music industry. One of the greatest minds of northeast bx..fth city, welcome to the world of clap cognac.


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A collective of artists/producers N.E bronx(specifically sec 5 co-op city)
consisting of clap cognac,quickdraw,brigante,JK,teflon the X factor, silent murder,
killamessiah(noted producer of lloyd banks "the raw") krysiz kahn and a host of other associates, and conglamorates as Ress Connected, silent rounds(new rochelle) Angreemen Ent., Dj superstar J, and Dj Fiyaa. With the collectives based in streets genre, these brothers put together entrepenual visions, along with creative instinct
to accomplish their goals. Overstanding the harsh realities of urban life, allow paper $oilders to tell the story through the industry to the world.


Hailing from N.E bronx, via washington heights Aritist/freelance writer/musician/producer Zion antoni honed his crafts from an early age. Coming from a african-american/costa-rican household, He was exposed to many different genre's of music. Living off the urban-experience from childhood to adulthood, aquiring knowlegde in adverse times, staying true to his spiritual and concrete roots, also hailing from the lccg family which includes paper $oldiers and noted afiliates, he discoverd through many harsh trials and tribulations his purpose was to communicate a spiritually conscious world view to the masses..having its roots in urban life. Through media, writing, non-profit works, activism such as mentoring at-risk youth, and music, he seeks to communicate a better consciousnes to the people in perilous times to preserve life. Often through the crucibles of his own life. He is often implementing and addressing urban issues, at work in non-profit movements, and communicating a spiritually conscious world view on an international circuit, to all walks of life.

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A prolific film/music production company ran by engineer/artist/film director Jayonez, has been expanding borders throught N.Y.C and abroad. Working with artists both mainstream and underground, the film company has been praised and noted for its professional quality and prolific video editing production. Check the exclusives and the high quality of CEO jayonez work.


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One of the leading blogspots on the net..first debut as, took the internet by storm with many hits, active members, and developing as an internet social site. Now with revisions they are, run by "L" and Dj voltron, with its foundations in "fifth city" NY- section 5 co-op city. Catch all the news, videos and latest industry and community information.


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