Tuesday, August 18, 2015


A collaborative Commentary of race, culture and politics from Non Profit leader Sha Thomas, and Freelance Journalist/Recording Artist Zion Antoni. A release issued from Mary Martha Ministries.

Bronxville, United States, August 13,2015/Free-Press-Release.com/ -- The times have spoken brutally to media, and the masses and the world. Everyone has responded, from Americas streets to Judicial bodies. Non profit leader, speaker, and counselor Sha Thomas Publishes a brief discourse on race; and socio politics in American soil. Brutally honest, suited in truth and facts it exposes injustice, but demands resolution for a better way. Freelance Journalist/Recording Artist Zion Antoni accompanies the manuscript with an outlook drawing conclusions, and resolve through a standard in tough times. 

Issues aged with time and tragedy, but fresh on the forefront of a new generation. Issued from Mary martha ministries, under distribution, #INYN is a profound statement in the grassroots and our world.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Out of the of the Urban Cry LLC is issued another insightful lecture/article of urgency. The times have spoken gravely; challenging and controversial. Freelance Journalist/Recording artist zion antoni delivers POA II: a message that moves resolve through perspective.


The A.L.I.H.S.T series or any publication of the Urban Cry LLC is soley to promote the greater awareness of diaspora's within urban communities, and global matters. Each publication released associates and highlights principles, solutions, and the general acknowledgement of code of ethics. Within the topics addressed. The Urban Cry LLC is an entity that advocates people to think for themselves.