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In this essay i coined the term "prophetic survival", the overall move of a people, a self-actualization to overcome obstacle's to move toward a goal, or greater purpose.
In the ways, concepts and philosophies of the world, especially in a western world view, most overtly, or discreetly use the likes of greed, selfish ambitions, to pillage their way to the top, especially in a capatilistic society. From poor class to middle to rich, from spiritual oppressions to political, countless ills plague a society. To where one must reach to find his/herself, and reach even harder to find their purpose in this lifetime. In the case of self realization and pursuing goals i note some figures we all know. 1st is d-blocks jadakiss(jason phillips).
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When asked asked about his hometown yonkers n.y he replied " its like a black cloud over there" he said in a spring 2009 interview. There's alot of love, but there also is alot of hate. You gotta get out of your hood, thats with anybody, mary j blige did gotta go do your thing and then come back."
Jada speaks in reference to though people applaud his accomplishments, in pursuing his career he had to leave due to those that were jealous, and carried hatred.. that may have killed him. In this point survival meant knowing who is who among him, staying aware of the challenges that may have held him back.
Another the honorable Robert Nesta Marley O.M. In an 1977 interview, when asked about surviving the trenchtown settlement of kingston jamaica, he replied" well surviving was easy..the only thin you hafe' wacth fa is de police." Dey come and say whey ya from? .. you say trenchtown! ... ya gone". I also note the fact the marley's father was white, which was very unpopular in his day. Which caused him, in spite of his humble nature tranform to "lion" or his nickname "tuff gong" to survive the taunts and attacks of being racially mixed.
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Below is an in depth interview of the late tupac shakur, which he covers everything in his life from the system, jail, and testament to his own prophetic survival, Through gang violence, the industry, and politics, after viewing his interview peep part 2 to the P.S essay, Divine intuition.



One example of prophetic survival for a people, was the civil rights movement of the sixties. During this time of segregation and political oppression for blacks in the south, leaders came forth, strengthening all points for the people to survive, and implementing change in so that future generations wont have to go through the same oppressions and conflict. Kwame ture and bobby seals had the black panther socialist political party which focused on protecting their people from political direct violence from the government. Martin luther king jr, medgar evers and malcolm focused on the spiritual aspect of it..the means of survival was to iradicate the social ills of the people, create more unity, improve the consciousness of the people and establish a better way of life. The ultimate roots of prophetic survival is always spiritual. In my own experience, i found its keeping a close ear to God, being in touch with your own spirit, and listening to one of man's greatest gifts, the conscience. I had to do it to survive the social ills of city life, from my youth till now, to survive the violence, drugs and strifes that many know and live with. This divine intuition, for me was even practised in the realm of religons, from me not only studying the nature of religon, but not clinging to the instutitions and social structures of religon, being as though i have experienced my own share of direct wounds. Instead i lock in to the spirit of God for guidance, not nessecarily the hearts of men. In our grassroots journalism/activism group, sha thomas, author and speaker stated "if i didnt listen to God coming this far, and listened to man i would have been in worse situations". I go back to the examples of Marley and tupac. There was an attempt on marleys life in 1976 due to political warfare that raged in this time. A perfect example of divine intuition, he spoke on the incident" I went home about t'ree o'clock in the mornin' to get some sleep at a place called putney..and at this time i saw a vision.. and i vision i was in barrage a gunshot, but some'ting in de vision say stand up..don run..and i see mi mother get hit..but i neva get hit". Nights later marley experienced the same situation, and he did jus that.. stood still while the gunmen fired in his house. The end result was marley suffered a graze, and his wife rita marley was hit near the skull area. They both survived the shooting. As tupac explained in the above interview, he seen, and spoke most of the things he seen come to pass. Even his own demise. Being as though he did see his death.. which he remarkably detailed in description, maybe he could have avoided it, maybe he was ready to go..only God know.

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Nonetheless prophetic survival is an reality, whether practised on a personal or a grand scale. I hope more understanding is gained from this, you may have seen these movements in your very own life. If you have, keep in mind the roots of prophetic survival is spiritual, and its always towards a greater purpose.-

Zion Antoni


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