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The following video clip is from a governer's island gathering, the "this is festival". Many names in the industry came out to support and also perform. Some ranging from members of dipset, dblock, red cafe, cory guns and more. I highlight the principle of unity in this feature blast, due to the nature and competition, specifically in the music industry. This was 1st featured on the actual site, This is, which is one of the leading blogspots on the net. The entire footage shows some feuds that raged no more than 4 to 5 years ago, and some as early as several months ago. To see groups as dipset and g-unit unite,as well as d-block and brooklyn's papoose, held more weight than most could think. In spite of their own grinds and careers, being as though they are in the spotlight, the level of influence they have is still effective. The fact that these brothers came together, show the industry and tainted media the streets can do the same.. and more.


The conflict between Jay-Z and Nas is one of the more publicized feuds in recent years.[3] Initially, the relationship between the two rappers was respectful with Jay-Z giving a shoutout to Nas on all his albums.[4] After the death of The Notorious B.I.G., the position of most popular New York rapper seemed to become vacant and fans were eager to see who would fill that role.[3]

In 1996, while recording his debut album Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z's producer Ski used a vocal sample from Nas' "The World Is Yours" as the chorus to his song "Dead Presidents". Neither party had asked Nas' permission which upset him. Jay-Z had invited Nas to re-rap the line and he had agreed but never showed up to record the line. After several no-shows, their relationship began to sour and the incident is seen as the beginning of the quarrel between them. The dispute was intensified when Nas assembled The Firm in 1996 with AZ, Foxy Brown and Cormega (later Nature). Jay-Z wanted to release their debut album on his label, Roc-A-Fella Records, but the group decided to sign with Aftermath without telling Jay-Z or Damon Dash, who described the situation in an interview with MTV News:

“ "Nas and AZ was supposed to be on "Bring It On" they kept not showing up. That's when we wanted to put out the Firm. They didn't show up. We was meeting and they was saying, "Yeah", but they wasn't showing up. We would be waiting and we would be getting offended." ”
—Damon Dash, MTV News[5]

Jay-Z continued to show his respect to Nas in 1997 by referencing him on his song "Where I'm From"[3]. Nas responded to Jay-Z on his track "We Will Survive" in 1999 which criticizes several rappers, including Jay-Z, who claimed to be "New York's King" following Notorious B.I.G.'s death. This was seen as disrespectful by Jay-Z and was the spark that kicked off the feud.




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