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'Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley, written in 1931 and published in 1932. Set in the London of AD 2540 (632 A.F. in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology and sleep-learning that combine to change society. The future society is an embodiment of the ideals that form the basis of futurism"
From cassette tapes to cd's, VHS's to HTML code, i state the obvious by saying we live in an ever changing technological world. I reference this reknowned book, prophetic in nature, that i studied in my early years as a mirror to the conscious of 21st century, thus 10 years deep. The range from cloning to the world wide web, to social networks clearly defines a new societal norm..thats yet ever changing. thursday we check out the evolution of publications..the Emagazine. From leading Internet giants as to forbez dvd, to nyc's original smack gives you not only the latest, but through an up close and personal view. We end the week with some interviews from industry giants to industry legends, one of them i had the pleasure to build with at one point in time..brooklyn's own smooth da hustler.

" is an exciting new urban/ pop lifestyle magazine and social network powerhouse. This online cultured magazine takes a community based approach and gives its visitors the opportunity to becomes members. The network offers celebrity gossip, the hottest fashion designers, exclusive interviews, new artist and music, back stage passes, and much more."


Monday, February 22, 2010


“Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.”-


okayplayer reviews:

Posted on 01/28/2009
"Noble Society is not your weed head uncle’s reggae band. Fronted by former Boot Camp Click affiliate, Jahdan, this Brooklyn outfit eschews the open, organic grooves of traditional roots music. Their ambitious debut, Take Charge is winter time reggae, world music for the new world order; a juxtaposition of the social and spiritual ruminations of vintage island music, the cold, claustrophobia of modern electronica, and the aggressive percussion of hip hop. When everything clicks, the urgency of the production adds heft to the fiery content that is characteristic of the genre, but often muted by the mellow bounce of the soundscapes. "

Last week of feburary jumps off with two of brooklyn new york's driving independant forces: Noble society and blitz the ambassador. Even in a fledging capitalistic/digital industry a fresh and raw sound is always appreciated. The revolutionary sound of blitz seeks to go against the grain..while the NS present a conscious sound live and direct from the essense. Peace..sounds from the house of brooklyn.



Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador grew up to the sounds of Afro-Beat, Highlife, Jazz, and Motown. But when his older brother introduced him to Public Enemy’s classic album, It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, as a young boy, he was changed forever. “I had never heard young Black people express themselves in that way before,” recalls Blitz.


Monday, February 15, 2010


“A fully functional multiracial society cannot be achieved without a sense of history and open, honest dialogue.”

"Minorities"- Controversial issues

Refers to members of minority groups. The term is used to address the controversy with the use of the word minority.[2] Cultural diversity definitions can be as controversial as diversity projects and initiatives. The word minority is an example; it has an academic and colloquial usage. Academics refer to power differences among groups, rather than differences in population size among groups. -

Barzilai (2003)

Feagin (1984) [4] states that a minority group has five characteristics: (1) suffering discrimination and subordination, (2) physical and/or cultural traits that set them apart, and which are disapproved by the dominant group, (3) a shared sense of collective identity and common burdens, (4) socially shared rules about who belongs and who does not determine minority status, and (5) tendency to marry within the group. In South Africa under apartheid, white South Africans were a majority even though there were many more black South Africans.
In the United States, the term majority refers to a group that is larger in population size and controls economic, political, and social resources. Given the shift of people of color growing in size that trends indicate will make them a majority, many argue that white Americans should no longer be considered the majority-SOURCES WIKIPEDIA
Generations after generations, whether your reside in lands of modern day suburbia, or the back streets of ghetto america, one is never far removed from the sense of community. Thursday we look into the urban diaspora..specifically in the concrete jungles of south brooklyn. Art consistently imitates life..and music has always told the story of our society's, in every dispensation. My partner chron smith(hell razah)sunz of man/GGO and shabazz the disciple tell you the story personally along with the music they established well over a decade now through the red hook documentry. We all got a story to tell, and there are many that issue out of the urban diaspora..overstand.

Audiobiography - Hell Razah f/ Shabazz the Disciple
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Hell Razah & Shabazz- The History of Red Hook Pt. 1
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Haiti Relief FUnd: Helping the Earthquake Victims in Haiti

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"The Wu-Tang Clan are a New York City-based hip-hop group, which consists of: RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. They are frequently joined by fellow childhood friend Cappadonna, whose status as an official member is in dispute. They were formed in (and are associated with) the New York City borough of Staten Island (referred to by members as "Shaolin"), though some of their members are from Brooklyn.
Wu-Tang Clan rose to fame with
hardcore hip hop music, and their success enabled all its members to pursue solo careers. They have introduced and launched the careers of affiliated artists and groups,[3] often collectively known as the Wu-Tang Killa Bees.[4] In 2007, MTV ranked Wu-Tang the 5th greatest Hip-hop group of all time "SOURCES-wikipedia

Wikipedia states the obvious..This monday we showcase the upcoming documentry of the wu, soon to be realeased on 2/25/10. Through the Wu(way) we overstood through the years the elements of vison, streets, philosophy, religion, entrepenaurship and culture. We can all agree this group of 9 fathered a generation. One jewel of you pass through this lifetime stay conscious to leave somethin behind..



Wednesday, February 10, 2010



At one point in time substantiated as the 4 elements of the culture of hip hop. The face of the culture has undergone change through time, and veteran D-nice has expounded his career from production/mc to photographer to journalist. On thurs we showcase the very fruits of his labor on our humble blogspot/eblast; a documentation of hip hop in the flesh through the life and times of dres, sadat x, and monie love. Their stories are heard clearly.,capitalism, exploitaion and commercialism certainly has its place in today's industry..but every movement has its roots. These vet's take us to a simpler time..peep all three profiles in good retrospect.


Dres (born Andres Titus) is a rapper of the alternative hip hop duo Black Sheep. On their 1991 debut album A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Dres has a smooth rhyme flow, with a dose of light humour. Later his style became more serious, which suits the name of the 1994 album: Non-Fiction. Shortly after this album, Dres and Mista Lawnge split up and started independent projects.[1] In 1999, Dres released a solo album Sure Shot Redemption. On the cover, he is credited as "Dres - The Black Sheep". In 2000, the duo reunited and recorded Redlight, Greenlight (EP) and the title track for the film Once in the Life. In 2006, just before the release of the Black Sheep album 8WM/Novakane, Mista Lawnge left the group to go solo. Mista Lawnge's contributions to the album are limited giving it the appearance of another solo album from Dres. A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip is his cousin.

Sadat X (born Derek Murphy) is an American rapper, most famed as a member of Alternative hip hop group Brand Nubian. Originally known as Derek X, Sadat takes his name from former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.

Simone Wilson or Simone Gooden[1] (born 2 July 1970) known by her stage name Monie Love, is a female, English emcee and former radio personality in the United States. Love was a well-respected figure in British hip hop, and made an impact with American hip hop audiences as a protégé of female American emcee Queen Latifah, as well as through her membership in the late 1980s/early 1990s Native Tongues.[2] Love was one of the first BritHop artists to be signed and distributed worldwide by a major record label.SOURCES WIKIPEDIA[2]


Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday many honored the legacy of the late christopher rios.
In relation to many, stemming from humble roots in the bronx he stamped a legacy of remarkabe talent and humor, making his prescence known amongst nyc's elite. Quality i highlight, is pun's real to life approach, raw lyricism and established place in the industry. Though times have changed, pop-culture rings with new fads, trends, movements and ideals..equipt with a brave new digital society, i believe we cant lose the real to life integrity pun brought to the world. From concrete to bright lights, and back to the essence..monday throws up cuban links account, 2k interview and a throwback promotion to the dvd realeased on big pun's behalf, in sept 2009.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"The link between my experience as an entrepreneur and that of a politician is all in one word: freedom."


Z.A-The life and times of the eastern hemisphere. As told through the story of hiphop once again; from naples to the sub-metropolis' of italy, they experience the spirit of the urban plight. From political conflict, poverty, and economic balance, the voice of the culture tells a story of its own. My own experience on italian soil revealed the american influence, from the dress to the mindset; in contrast to america in the world of hip hop culture. Peep the movements of the world of told by major recording artist Fabri fibra. The song runs on universal translation-from fabri disscussing political uprise, poverty, and life in the italian republica. Italy.. 1 of the many faces of hiphop.


Monday, February 1, 2010


“If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”
Ernesto "che" Guevara
Interview by Prop Anon – Immortal Technique is an artist in the lineage of Zach De LaRocha and Chuck D, and he needs to be listened to. His story is a testament to the power of the pen. Born in Peru and raised in Harlem as a child, he found himself in trouble with the law as a teenager and young man. After serving time in prison for a couple years and becoming free, in more ways than one, Immortal Technique worked his way up through New York City underground Hip-Hop in the early 2000’s battle-rap scene. During this period, Tech got a name for himself for delivering vitriolic rhyme schemes deconstructing a system that has repeatedly lied to many in order to benefit a

Z.A-The voice of hip hop culture is clearly evident in political matters..the jugganaut of activism has encouraged consciousness of our societies. From exposing the ills, and constructing solutions. The revolutionary in hiphop culture, seeks to change, and showcase the need for change. Especially in the plight of minortites. Monday shows full blooded revolutionary- artist immortal technique, and the people's voice dead prez. Below is "modern day slavery" joel ortiz feat.immortal technique, an exposition on the system in relation to minorties.



The A.L.I.H.S.T series or any publication of the Urban Cry LLC is soley to promote the greater awareness of diaspora's within urban communities, and global matters. Each publication released associates and highlights principles, solutions, and the general acknowledgement of code of ethics. Within the topics addressed. The Urban Cry LLC is an entity that advocates people to think for themselves.