Saturday, April 24, 2010


"When i say im livin' large all you see is the struggle, when i say im still thuggin all you see is the trouble"

~Aint mad at cha


The muscle, milestones and misunderstanding's of the urban experience. Words fitly spoken by the late tupac amaru shakur, describing the collective ideal of many seeking financial success and holistic wealth; exceeding mental and social barriers. Notably in the urban plight, the portrait of minority's are often stained with negative sterotypes; to overshadow the means of struggle and the intent of the people thereof:

"This is all God's plan it was meant to be, gotta handle that mentally, and i cant let the stress get the best of me"-

Bronx NY Artist

Clap Cognac "My fate"

"Dudes never real right, family's never real tight that world thats existing around me's like a surreal life"-

Brooklyn NY Artist Liaison "Mommy's baby"

-Two lyrics reflecting personal outlook, and social conscious. Most standard classification of genre's via hip hop through the screen of pop culture, means of capitalism and stereotypes at times also cloud the voices of artists who seek to communicate, clearly to the people. The late keith "guru" elam , starting at a formative transition of hip hop during the late 80's, has shown ultimate progression as an legendary artist; with his group gangstarr, and post the active gangstarr years he sought to be progressive; both in content and buisness, even unto his passing as stated in the last interviews:

- We close with indepth understanding; as shot by bronx new york's upcoming video/film director Jayonez, CEO of money shot films. Peep extrodinary footage as told by independent artist Ques, E.Daney, and an exclusive single lead by mysonne, d.o.t. and Brand nubian's Sadat X.


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