Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Let me just say: Peace to you, if you're willing to fight for it." -
FRED HAMPTON -1948 -1969

"Some understand the term political prisoner narrowly, equating it with the term prisoner of conscience (POC). Amnesty International campaigns for the release of prisoners of conscience, which include both political prisoners as well as those imprisoned for their religious or philosophical beliefs. To reduce controversy, and as a matter of principle, the organization's policy only applies to prisoners who have not committed or advocated violence. Thus, there are political prisoners who do not fit the narrower criteria for POCs-WIKIPEDIA

On the left is a flyer of the recent event in the san francisco bay area.."stop the violence",on feb. 28th, hosted by industry greats and activists.
The plight of the political prisoner has been universal, generations deep. Revolutionary's from the african american diaspora to the cuban, challenged social ills and political strongholds, from the past until now. This event also spoke on the responsibility of the hip hop/entertainment community to social justice issues, to stemming down violence in concerts/events, and the ultimate plight of political prisoners worldwide. Though it focuses on this plight, i noticed in today's time these communities of social activism move on a sub-cultural stream..compared to american pop-culture. To me it moves in a wider spectrum; one example of many: the functions of one of america's biggest buisnessness: the prison system overall: and its relation to minorties. Below is exclusive footage of the conference, and a feature from nas and damian
"jr gong" marley's lp- "Distant relatives".


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