Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"My alma mater was books, a good library.... I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity."


"Scholarly method or scholarship — is the body of principles and practices used by scholars to make their claims about the world as valid and trustworthy as possible, and to make them known to the scholarly public."-wikipedia

One element any leader, in any forum has to implement change: dedication. Thursday shows respect to the scholar, the individual who takes essential education on any plain to utilize to a personal effect and abroad. To stay conscious requires an effort, to study for a specific purpose takes work, to my understanding in reference to the coined term "knowledge is power" wisdom and understanding always follow. Education is still the pendant, not only academically, but in all aspects. In the above cases, Dr. cornel west studied through the ranks of academics, but developed his philosophic perspective through social study, and observation. Rapper immortal technique developed his revolutionary "statements" to the industry, perfusely studying while incarcerated. Hip hop legend Chris parker, already dubbed as "the teacha" saw the need to perserve hip hop culture, through religious studies to give to hip hop a spiritual foundation:

"The Temple of Hip Hop is a Ministry, Archive, School, and Society (M.A.S.S.) founded by KRS-One. Its goal is to maintain and promote Hip Hop Culture. The Temple of Hip Hop maintains that Hiphop is a genuine political movement and culture, as it has been accepted by the United Nations as a culture. The Temple of Hip Hop calls on all hip-hop fans to celebrate Hip Hop Appreciation Week, occurring in mid-May. It encourages DJs and MCs to teach people about the culture of Hip Hop, to write more socially conscious songs, and radio stations to play more socially conscious hip-hop. Hip Hop Appreciation Week is celebrated on the third week of May each year. Hip Hop History Month (November,) founded by the Universal Zulu Nation, is also recognized."-wikipedia

-Collectively we are all students of life itself. We close with "student of truth" himself" (talib kweli in arabic and swahili) with a refletion eternal interview..and another deposit.. revisioned words of "the teacha".


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