Monday, March 29, 2010


"Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which is a French word meaning "one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. "

From the high peaks of financial success to the crash courses, from all positions of the class system they hold one relation: "The dollar and a dream". In the land of opportunity and abroad currency is still the rule..and the oil that burns to run a society. Amidst the poor, middle class and even the upper; you have the entrepenuar. From a grassroots perspective, especially amongst the urban diaspora you have the universal "hustler's ambition" , the hunger in the visions of small buisnessness, food service, contractors, laborers, positions in academics, media, entertainment and the arts, even in illegal ventures. Monday hosts the coined term "rags to riches", one example is my brother, CEO of negusworld enterprises, Johwell baptiste:

"Born in paris from a rape but never been called an accident; his hard working haitian mother calls him a blessing... Guess that makes me an average being. Grew up poor , or maybe just broke , or should we say less fortunate. Can't really tell since he's never been called or even looked at as any of these things. In fact, those of his entourage who were considered 'fortunate', shared blankets while snoring on his 20 feet square apartment's floor; they show him the utmost respect.... I couldn't get what they had; meanwhile they wanted what i was. Guess they made me that average friend. A 9/11 survivor. He left the country he grew up in on august 13th 1997 at the age of 19. He then witnessed and survived 4 years later the most horrifying act of terorism this world has ever known. He immortalized this moment with his own camera... Guess that makes it an average life. From his childhood's friend getting murdered, to getting baptized by his brother bennchoumy @ the jacob javitz center in front of a crowd well over 3 thousand, he had then the goal of becoming the leader of a church, but eventualy stepped away in search of his own truth. Leader of his own body, mind and soul , he is one of the 1st of 2 to have set foot on the negusworld ground. Inspiring others to wear their own crown with pride... Guess that makes me an average king"

(Statement)"WELCOME TO NEGUSWORLD ENTERPRISES "Negusworld enterprises" is what the negusworld movement is offering the world. From great entertainment such as music composed and performed by talented artists ,to dance events that feature the world best dancers of any styles(krump,house,newstyle,break...). We have unique stylish gear for you to wear and books to feed your thought. We will take you to different places with scifi comic books and entertain you with great movies. Negusworld has been revealed to be the fastest growing movement of 2008 and 2009 looks even more promising. There are those that wear it ,those aware and those that are.We want to thank you ALL, for the rest of you...ready or not HERE WE COME." -negusworld

-...One personal example among many, another is the the life and times, trials and tribulations of one nasir bin olu dara jones..known to us as Nas. A recent vh1 special gives insight to rites and passage of the ghetto, a dream, talent and a pad and pen.


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