Friday, November 26, 2010


"We got to have peace"-


"Beginning of moral decay"

"USA TODAY's series overlooks the role Baby Boomers played in establishing the moral ambiguity that plagues us today. Their rejection of their parents' values, their idealism and their inexperience made them easy marks for Saul Alinsky, a community organizer who wrote the book Rules for Radicals.
Alinsky used the Boomers and their struggle against racial injustice to popularize his own radical agenda. Primary among that agenda was the moral freedom implicit in the dictum "the end justifies the means." Human nature, not the Boomer generation, is responsible for the abuse of this moral freedom, but understanding its historical context is a step toward recognizing and combating it."

Doris Kabureck; Palmetto, Fla.

One letter from a reader on the changing face of american generations since the years of the early 20th century. The term "baby boomers" emerged from the generations after 1945; post WWII. This letter gives the illustration of the moral/ethical value decline of america; from the struggle of the civil rights movement, to during and after the vietnam war.

Race and ethnicity. Seventy-six percent of early Boomers are non-Hispanic whites, compared with 68% of those born later. Blacks are the largest minority among older Boomers but are outnumbered by Hispanics among younger Boomers. Blacks make up 12% of Boomers born in the 1960s; Hispanics are 13%.

-In the matter of the moral fiber, every generation since the mid 20th century up till now was responsible for raising and influencing the next to come. Post 21st century pop-culture plays a Major part of this and the coming generation. Amongst all ethnicities in america, since the baby boomer generation, has experienced a shaking in moral ethics; though pop-culture has a degree of influence to the social ills; the ultimate restoration begins within,the family structure. We close this early december brief post with a recent progressive effort from contemporary band "The Gorillaz" with a closing of a generational gap: two features of Mos Def and veteran soul singer bobby Womack. Aside from freedom of speech and political agenda's, if america reckonizes a moral decay and its fruits, it only calls the masses to be conscious of what we leave behind for the next generation. Peace.


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