Sunday, November 21, 2010


“I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.”-

Cassius Clay(Muhammad ali)

"On Islam, let's choose pluralism over prejudice

By Eboo Patel
About the best thing that's said about Muslims these days is they can't all be bad. Maybe so, others insist — but they all have that potential. This is the logic of prejudice, which holds up the worst elements of a community and fears that the rest will follow.
America is great because it believes in a very different idea — the logic of pluralism. The logic of pluralism affirms that every tradition has achievements, every community has gifts, and our nation is stronger when it invites those communities to contribute to the common

One hot topic relevent to America. Language of one covers the controversy of islam post 21st century; with part II giving insight to base to Islam's holy book(Q'uran), and practicing muslim's in america in contrast to Jihadist's(holy war), coined by mass media as worldwide terrorism:

"Muslims believe that the Qur’an was revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel from 610 to 632 CE, the year of his death.[5][9][10] Muhammad recited the Qur’an to his followers, numbering tens of thousands, who recited after him, until they had memorized it. He also dictated it to his scribes (Muhammad was illiterate) who wrote down its verses during his life. Shortly after Muhammad's death the Qur’an was established textually into a single book form by the order of the first Caliph Abu Bakr.[11] During the reign of Uthman"-


-Due to the countless accounts of Jihad from within and without the states, and post 9/11, practicing muslim's began to become targets of hate crimes. In politics, from the Bush administration to Obama's, Islam was ultimately reckonized as a religion of peace.

The face of Jihad reflects on the atrocities of 9/11,(through the interpretations of Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda suicide bombings of the present day iraqi democracy, and attacks internationally. Fundamental jihad runs on a strong belief system; one that governs the goals of some islamic states(Iran).

"President Obama focused on the importance of pluralism in his recent trip to Indonesia, a nation with the largest Muslim population on the planet, but also sizable communities of other faiths. He spoke personally of how Indonesia's diversity enriched his childhood experience in that country. And he spoke presidentially of how viewing diversity as a strength can help grow a nation's economy, stabilize its politics and make its culture more attractive."

-The obama's administration campaigns the ideal of pluralism to accept the diversity of religion in america, Including Islam. Language of one gives a brief insight to the contrast of fundamental and more radical forms of Islam. We close with "Narcycist" an independent islamic based hip hop group on feature this thursday with their views on stereotype, politics and faith.


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