Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"And my mentality is, money orientated im destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it this year"-


"In sociology and political philosophy, the most basic class distinction is between the powerful and the powerless.[1][2] Social classes with a great deal of power are usually viewed as "the elites" within their own societies. Various social and political theories propose that social classes with greater power attempt to cement their own ranking above the lower classes in the hierarchy to the detriment of the society overall. "-

In the world and termanology of political science, capitalism symbolizes economic freedom, free proprietorship. According to the quote from wikipedia above, other forms of government, left wing views, political parties and the criticism of american history would state otherwise; from the higher economic class to the lower, some political theorists would say that the "richer get richer, and the poorer get poorer". A line quoted from the "teacha" himself KRSone from his project several years ago, "I got next" he follows with "visualize wealth, and put yourselves in the picture." One view most would co-sign that exceeds any economic class. In the stream of capitalism, due to basic economic principle, one would invest and re-invest; in a talent or gift, a buisness, or an ultimate vision. In relation to the age old principle, "seedtime and harvest".
Some of these views were reflected in reknowned black author Micheal eric dyson's 2007 series "Hip-Hop Vs. America".

-From small buisnesses to well established careers entrepenuarship is the main railroad in a country that functions on a system of capitalism. One thing remains relative is that from america's ghettos to the high lofts, most seek economic prosperity. We close with south brooklyn's independent minds; GGO/T.h.u.g. angels veteran Shabazz the disciple with an exclusive ode to hiphop, "heavenly bride".




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