Monday, May 24, 2010


"All That I Can Say ”-


Tavis smiley
Taina hernandez

Thursday highlight's the journalist: notably the african-american and latino voices in mainstream and democratic journalism. Though some roles in mainstream journalism are controversial to some; due to the fact that by popular belief figures as tavis smiley and soledad o'brien are the voices of people of color in mass media, whether radical, or conservative to the approach to their work, their impact is potent regardless. Exceptional leaders on the forefront are Taina Hernandez and Soledad O'brien; and also the explosion of philadelphia influential black journalists as the late Reggie Bryant, and incarcerated but active, Mumia abu Jamal.

"Taina Hernandez ( born July 30, 1974 in
Brooklyn, New York)[1] is a correspondent for ABC News. She is graduated from Brown University in 1996[2]. A native of the New York City borough of Brooklyn,[3] Hernandez joined ABC News in 2001 as a correspondent for NewsOne, ABC's affiliate news service. She anchored the overnight broadcast ABC World News Now from 2005–2007, and appears regularly on Good Morning America and World News."

"María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien
[1] (born September 19, 1966) is an American television journalist. She is currently the host of the "In America" documentary unit on CNN, and is best known for anchoring the CNN marquee morning newscast American Morning from July 2003[2] to April 3, 2007, with Miles O'Brien. "-


-Below is is an interview of Soledad O'brien, on recent coverage of the controversial CNN series "In america" focusing on the latin and african diasporas, along the trailers of both series, a series that had progressive work throughout 2007 -2009:

-We close with a exclusive feature from writer/recording artist immortal technique, off his latest lp "The 3rd world" ft Jean Grae.


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