Saturday, July 25, 2009


In closing of the week, we feature In my view, along with the issues that plagues our cities, the social and political climate, i believe we are now moving and growing into an consciousness that sees the need for change. In perspective people are seeing life beyond 1 dimension, and past their own selves. Both young, and old feel it, and from a sub-culture it will grow into a theme and way of life. With this train of thought now reflecting in the culture, freedom people magazine exemplify's it. Salute ya'll, continue to show the hearts of the people and the value of human life.

FREEDOMPEOPLE Magazine of Social & Political Transformation

FREEDOMPEOPLE Magazine is a much needed & anticipated HIP HOP publication that was specifically designed to educate, nurture & develop (both young & older) generation's mind. Created to give knowledge to the HIP HOP community through Hip Hop. FREEDOMPEOPLE Magazine will be hittin' on topics such as: politics/laws, Hip Hop culture, the past, present and our future. FREEDOMPEOPLE Magazine will be discussing issue's that might be controversial (to some), but is very much needed as it is nowhere else provided. Unlike any other magazine out there GUARANTEE! FREEDOMPEOPLE Magazine will deliver exciting, powerful, and realistic issues, stories and articles on spread pages representing all HIP HOP elements. Each page empowers creativity, rich in designs, photographs and images, but at the very same time, also, teaches what is currently missing in many of our lives today.


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