Thursday, July 23, 2009


We close this weeks feature with a good brother of mine, and a true leader among leaders. Negus Johwell Baptiste. Johwell took the struggles of his own life
and transformed beauty from ashes..negusworld..derived from the from the amharic language(ethiopian) a term meaning "king". Its a clothing line that represents change, power and overcoming. It is an International movement that includes dance,
music, clothing and combines cultures for empowerment to all people..a movement i am also a part of.. a movement to be honored for its impact, and hard work. Here's a segment of Johwell's bio for a lil' descript, salute Negus Johwell.. let it feed..

"A 9/11 survivor. He left the country he grew up in on august 13th 1997 at the age of 19. He then witnessed and survived 4 years later the most horrifying act of terorism this world has ever known.
He immortalized this moment with his own camera... Guess that makes it an average life.

From his childhood's friend getting murdered, to getting baptized by his brother bennchoumy @ the jacob javitz center in front of a crowd well over 3 thousand, he had then the goal of becoming the leader of a church, but eventualy stepped away in search of his own truth. Leader of his own body, mind and soul , he is one of the 1st of 2 to have set foot on the negusworld ground. Inspiring others to wear their own crown with pride... Guess that makes me an average king."



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