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"New York City has the largest concentration of Haitians in the United States as well as the oldest established Haitian communities of the country. The conservative estimate of the legal Haitian population in the New York City Metropolitan Area, as recorded by INS is approximately 156,000. However, community leaders and directors of community centers, who come in constant contact with the illegal population, strongly believe that the actual number is closer to 400,000."


Z.A-Post Haiti's earthquake the world still wacthes as the poorest country in the western hemisphere rebuilds and restores the ediface of society and life. Today's A.L.I.H.S.T feature briefly looks at haitian diaspora through the beat of survival, and culture as expressed in examples as the dispersal in America:

"The largest communities are found in Brooklyn where the legal population is placed at approximately 88,763, and in Queens where the number of Haitians is believed to be around 40,000. Members of the community who are of working-class background tend to establish their residence in Brooklyn, primarily in the neighborhoods of Flatbush, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, and Canarsie; many are apartment dwellers many homes in the area are duplexes and triplexes. Middle-class Haitians who choose to stay in Brooklyn own brownstone homes in the Park Slope area and single family homes in the Midwood section."


A description of one of the tri-state area haitian communities. Between refugee camps, U.N control, and government centers, the people of haiti, one are strengthening the ties that bind:

"The country needs to go from the uncertainty of the moment, to some normalcy. We have waited too long after January 12, 2010 to build and rebuild the new Haiti, which must be decentralized."-

Wyclef Jean

Words from Recording artist/Politician Wyclef Jean. Among the diaspora, in places as the Domenican Republic and france, the struggle of this people has encountered everything from poverty to discrimination; to political strength to a thriving culture. One voice to close this brief outlook is the international entity of "Negusworld Enterprises"(Clothing line/Multimedia). My brother/associate Johwell Baptiste(co-founder), also of haitian descent expounds on J.E.M.B.H.A; A movement/train of thought launched last year that communicates to diaspora's within urban communities, and nations.


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