Thursday, February 3, 2011



Marvin Pentz Gaye

cru·ci·ble noun \ˈkrü-sə-bəl\

2: a severe test
3: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development

Z.A Another look into America's backyard. The testament of Dashaun Jiwe Morris life bore as the crucible for the Newark New Jersey native to independently release his literary effort. As post 21st century reveals the high times of world politics, and the defining issues we confront on america's landscape from a left-wing view we become more familiar with voices of media, entertainment, and politics. The A.L.I.H.S.T series visits the "voices" of the wilderness of the inner city:

"At age 25, Jiwe, worn weary of gang culture, saw a way to reclaim his life and potentially save others through the power of the written word. At times painfully sad, "WAR OF THE BLOODS IN MY VEINS" is ultimately an inspiring testimony of hope, about humanity in the midst of evil, and turning tragedy into triumph. The book is filled with lessons for the next generation of youngsters coming up about the choices so many of them face to survive the streets, and the maturity and courage required to choose a better life"-

"But during a news conference on Wednesday, the association made it clear that Newark still faces sobering challenges. Although juvenile arrests on all charges have been dropping in recent years, the number of youths apprehended on drug charges jumped 66 percent in 2006, while the number found with weapons did not drop, a signs, officials said, that gang activity had an increasingly pernicious grip on teenagers here. "-

Many rise daily to a reality where in a melting pot of social ills life gradually becomes a race against time and misfortune. Some individuals, to grassroots initiatives understand this; do the alternative is sought, or created. Jiwe takes one building block from his own life to issue out a caveat to the youth, and confirmation to others relative to his struggle and experience. The voice in the wilderness takes the time to cry: for one less casualty among the masses.


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