Friday, January 8, 2010


In America, hip-hop music may trumpet the virtues of wealth, fame, and power, but in South America, it's the voice of the disenfranchised, a genre of music embraced by the underclass. Tom Feiling's documentary Resistencia: Hip-Hop in Colombia profiles the rise of hip-hop in the slums of Colombia, where the music was first introduced to the culture in the 1980s by transients who would travel to the U.S. and return with bootleg cassettes. Now, it's a thriving subculture, featuring such outspoken artists as Poetas de la Oscuridad and Asilo 38. ~ Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide

A film realeased in 2002..Below is the trailer to give a picture of even now the widespread international influence of hip hop culture. The movie is a strong depiction of how a culture can uplift and sustain a people..even in hard times.
Every experience must own a voice..peep the face of hiphop in south and central america with Domenican republic's "Lo correcto", my brothers.


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