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D-Nice is the stage name of beatboxer, rapper, producer and photographer Derrick Jones (born June 19, 1971), who began his career in the mid-1980s with the hip hop group Boogie Down Productions. -WIKIPEDIA

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D-Nice grew up in the Bronx, hip-hops birthplace, and emerged as a rapper and producer in the late 1980s. The late Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions mentored D-Nice as a teenager and offered him a place to develop his talent alongside rap legend KRS-One. He began to expand into production, producing The Stop The Violence Movement's number 1 single, Self Destruction, and later working with Queen Latifah and Kid Rock on their early albums. Ultimately, D-Nice released two albums with Jive records, including the 1990 hit single Call Me D-Nice, which reached the top of Billboards rap chart.

During a musical hiatus in the mid nineties, D-Nice began to delve into the emerging Internet industry. In 2000 he co-founded Boom Digital, a web design firm that worked on sites for Aaliyah, Queen Pen and Reebok, capitalizing on the dot-com boom. Seven months later, he started his own company, United Camps, which has created the web presence of Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, and Wyclef Jean, and is currently working with Violator Management on several projects.

This monday i note the progress of hiphop pioneer derrick "d-nice" jones. As you read its self-explanitory..I highlight journalism in all forms an important part of the industry, the behind the scenes, real to life we know and appeal to. Peep his movements then and now, and the current hiphop documentry projects.


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