Saturday, September 12, 2009


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There's a coined saying that only God knows whats in the hearts of men, this bears 100% true. We grace this week with an independent focus on some of the brightest and richest talents rooted in our own soil. Close to home we start with Sinn Azucar, aka fel sweetenberg of break bread projects. One good brother of mine who has rested in the corridors of the independent scene for years, and has blessed many with his original sound, including myself(ie: honey fo' my strongdrink). Also an artist himself we showcase the doc./mind of fel through on this monday's spot. Hailing fromn camden n.j, deemed as one of the worst cities in america, yet in the face of this title, by knowing what fel does for music, and by knowing him personally and many others like him this title can easily be proven wrong. Check my brother fel, the man behind the monster sound..

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Clap has execptionally took the hearts and ears of the people, street's wise and industry. Hailing from my very hometown and hood, and elements of our family he gives the industry the gift of raw talent, good common sense and intelligence. I highlight this, because especially in a street's based genre of music, the industry, for sake of capitilism, exploits the negative aspects of the culture, and generates off it, because it simply sells. Not knowing the hearts of the people behind the music. But to the artists, and the community affiliated with him/her, its the way of life, the way of survival. Clap holds on to spiritual and economic principle as he navigates through this industry, the same real brother he is on stage, he is off stage, understanding its way more than music, its life. Power to clap and the rest of the lccg family.


"On my Grind"


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