Monday, August 31, 2009


"The District of Columbia is home to our nations politics and some of the wealthiest African Americans in the country. It is also home to one of the nations largest income gaps with some of the highest crime, murder and STD rates. It is the culmination of these statics that defines DC Hip Hop. Oddisee (producer/MC from Prince George’s county, Maryland) formed this group with solo artist, XO and YU. The idea was to create a mid-90’s boom-bap themed record for the DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan area. XO, (born & raised in North West DC) defines what it is to be a black male raised in the district, with lyrics that have a way of philosophizing that street life. Oddisee defines the experience of growing up in black middle class Maryland. Bordering the poverty his and many other families fled to escape, they found the troubles of the inner city came along with them. YU, having been raised in the district, Maryland & Virginia, shows that DC culture exceeds it’s 10 mile radius. “In The Ruff” is the DMV’s soundtrack. its street savvy, politically conscious lyrics and grimy beats depict life in and around our nations capitol"

A group outta DC that took the elements of music back to the essence..not only an era i relate to and grew in, but unadulterated music minus the exploitations of capitalism. A group worth putting on blast for the people..currently spun on the urban plight show, "in the ruff" is one of the classic underground albums of 2009. Travel in they world for a min..real to life as we know it..salute the district..

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.


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